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*Short of Money, Plenty of Talent
*We’re Women, Not Girls Toronto Star Oct 12 1972
*Beyond Sisterhood Weekend Magazine Aug 1977
*Ms. for MP? Toronto Sun – 1972
*Women to assult male supremacy in Ottawa Excalibur, Oct 1972
*Women not concerned about the same issues as men – Globe and Mail, Oct 5, 1972
*Womens Group Enters Politics Ryersonian April 1972
*A bumper crop of Metro women broke new ground in past year Toronto Star Dec 1972
*Panel agrees, political parties ignore women Toronto Star June 24, 1972
*Political Action Group names women candidates Toronto Star – Apr 1, 1972
*Metro politicians ready to roll Toronto Star – Sep 1972
*Musing on Politics Toronto Star – Scott Young
*Family Forum – Men call for liberation too Toronto Star May 8, 1972
*Panel on political goals – I love you all — and the women boo. Toronto Star
*Two Metro feminists run for women’s party Toronto Star Sep 1972
*Grandmothers, teens unite in women’s political group Toronto Star – Nora McCabe
*It’s women’s big year in Metro… Toronto Star – Dec 1972
*No Mink Stole by Scott Young Scott Young – Toronto Star – Oct 1972
*Candidate woos only women – Ryersonian – Gaye Downer 1972
*Aline Wainwright’s anger cooling – The St Catharines Standard – Dorothy Turcotte Apr 1977
*Women: Nomination, not election big hurdle – The Toronto Sun – Dave Thomas Oct 25 1972
*Angry Man Shoves – Oct 25 1972

Some Family Pictures

Aline and John cruising the Caribbean
Aline and John cruising the Caribbean
Aline dishing out her super Christmas trifle. 1983
Aline, left, Ottawa, 1950’s
Aline, right, with Clive Wells.
Aline and daughter Catherine at Long Beach, Vancouver Island, 1984.
Aline, left, office 1958
Aline and Edie
Aline, Kitty, and Friend, Ottawa, 1950’s
Aline and daughter Catherin in Florida, February 2004.
Aline in Florida, February 2004.
Aline and daughter Catherine in Florida, February 2004.



Aline and John in London, 1999
Catherine and Aline in Victoria, 2006
Dedee, Catherine, Eileen and Aline in Muskoka, July 2007
Aline's Mom... who did a lot too!
Catherine (nee Robertson) Macgregor Aline’s Mom, June 1958




More References to Aline Gregory

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